What do we expect from you?


Working with us is a collaboration, so we do expect from you some level of effort (or at least really really hope you will).


You have a dream, an ambition, a goal and we can help you achieve it.

But without you doing most of the work we can not be effective as it can be.
If you promise to work, we promise to work helping you work.

What do we expect from you?

- An (ambitious) athlete focused on improving the proces to achieve your best performance.

- Setting clear Goal(s).

- Willingness and discipline to follow the proces and executing the workouts.
A trainingplan is build with logic, so you gradually perform better. There is a balance between workouts and rest. Also the weeks where you are expected to do less (taperweek) are important. Failing to (follow the) plan = Planning to Fail.

- Keeping log of your data with feedback.
The more we know about you and how you execute the workouts, the more we are able to adjust the plan where needed.

- Where possible, training with smart wearables (smart watch, bike computer, heart-rate monitor, power meter).

- Engage
We don't want you to turn off your brain and just follow orders. Use your perception, be emotional, be honest and most of all, be human, not a machine.

- Be yourself
You don't have to impress us, impress yourself and in the proces of doing that be honest. No need to say you're fine if you are feeling sick. No need to find excuses, we will find the reasons together.

- Trust
As a coach, we need to earn your trust, but you have to trust yourself the most. Trust in the proces and keep faith that it will bring you to your goals.
Trusting the coach also means you have to question the coach, discuss the proces, learn from the workouts.

- Keep communicating
You’re doing this for fun and personal achievement. The expectations above aren’t commandments and it’s unrealistic to think any athlete will meet all expectations all the time. That’s fine. Like all other relationships, the best thing you can do to make it successful is keep communicating!

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