What is it?

TrainingPeaks is an online system designed for people wanting to structure their training and achieve sporting success.

How can you use it?

You can use TrainingPeaks for free or with a paid version. The main differences are in the functionality and the insights using graphics. Using the free version in combination with us as a trainer/coach works great. Instead of the tool, we can give you all the insights you need.

You use the tool as an agenda, so you know exactly what training will be next, how much effort it will be and if you use insights what the effect of the training will be in the following days.

Besides as an agenda for upcoming workouts/events, you use the tool for logging. You can add comments before and after a workout, provide the coach information about the RPE.

Very powerful in this tool is that you can make a connection with Garmin Connect or Polar Flow, so if you have uploaded your workout from your device it will automatically appear in TrainingPeaks, create a new one or update an existing one.
The other way around is also possible. Workouts created in TrainingPeaks will appear in Garmin Connect and from there uploaded to your device so you can use the structured workout as you train.

There are more examples how you can use TrainingPeaks to collect all your data: Smart Scales will upload your weight, Smart Watches can upload your sleep.

Last but not least you can create data manually, so your nutrition intake, day-off, let your coach know if you are available for training, etcetera.
When you have a coach connected to your account, the coach is able to view and use this data (the more the better), monitor, analyse and give you some feedback depending of the type of Service you agreed to.

Why we use it?

- We use the tool because it is versatile.
- Both the free and the (not expensive) paid version are great to work with, both as an athlete and a coach.
- The integration with other environments (Polar/Garmin/Fitbit/FitnessSyncer/Zwift) works.
- You can create a TrainingPlan ahead and with insights enabled see what the impact will be using build in algorithm.
- Communication between athlete and coach is possible
- The organisation constantly improves and extend the tool and really listens to users to make changes.

There is more!

- Besides the free and the paid option you have the option to let your coach pay for your premium account. Instead of $19, you will pay $9 per month

- TrainingPeaks also have apps for Android and Apple

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