The ways we can provide you with a TrainingPlan is as diverse as your wishes are. If we can assist you in your preferred system we will, if not: perhaps we can use a workaround.

Our preferred system is TrainingPeaks which has both a free and paid account.

We recommend that you have a free intake first.

Shared Workouts

We use TrainingPeaks Coach Edition and that environment has the ability to share Workouts Libraries based on e-mailadresses. So no need to add me as a coach.
We have a free intake and based on that outcome we will provide you with an appropiate TrainingPlan.

Personal Workouts

Before we can provide you with personal Workouts a free intake is mandatory.

What we shall discuss in this intake is at least:
- What is your goal with the Workouts?
- Will the workout be based on your Pace (Current/Target), Heart-Rate (Max/Threshold), Power (Max/FTP/Target) or anything else?
- How many minutes/hours per workout?

Building your own Workouts

Offcourse we can train you with building workouts yourself. As part of our services we can give a Clinic, dedicated how to build workouts in TrainingPeaks and depending on your knowledge extend it with more information (micro; meso; macro planning, how to read TSS, etcetera).
TrainingPeaks Education Center has a small introduction and basic information how to use the workout builder.

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