A process helping people make healthy food choices and form healthy eating habits.

In what can we advise?

As for all of our services, we analyse together with you where you can improve yourself.

Some examples:
- Daily intake (what, when, how much)
- Intake during a recovery/taper week
- Intake a few days before and on your event day(s)
- Using supplements
- Using recovery shake/bars
- Training your nutrition in a structured trainingplan
- Losing weight
- Gaining muscles

How can we advise?

In our team we have a graduate in "nutrition and dietetics" and together with a trainer/coach we are capable of finetuning your trainingplan with nutrition.

During the intake we will figure out what exactly you need and make a plan accordingly. Adapting nutrition in your daily routine will take some time, so the interval in which we evaluate will be around 2-3 months. Keeping log of your nutrition along with your well-being is essential.

If you just want an advice for your current log, great! We will analyse your intake, together with your training logs and depending on the goal(s) you are training for, we will give you some hints.

Only looking for losing weight but not interested in sports, no problem. We still can give you advice and help you reaching your goal. Even though our believe is that exercising helps you reach your target weight better.

Contact us with any question and based on your question we can look into it and make an appointment.

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