Critical Power - Cycling


Critical Cycling Power is defined as the theoretical highest average power that a cyclist can maintain continuously without exhaustion, your aerobic cycling threshold.

Procedure (FTP test)

Required: Power meter

- WarmUp properly

- Ride at the highest effort for 20 minutes while using the power meter to collect data

- Take your average power for that effort and multiply by 0.95

Procedure (Ramp test)

Required: Power meter

- WarmUp properly

- Start low (50 Watt) and increase by 20 Watt every 1 minute until the highest effort you can reach

- Take the last wattage you could complete for 1 minute and multiply that number by 0.75

Procedure (Lab test)

- Get in touch with a company which provide controlled testing

- Take the intake and decide if this will be a good environment for you (method of testing, used equipment, variables that will be measured)

- Prepare for the test (food, rest, clothing)

- Do the test

- Use the outcome of the analysis to create trainingzones

How we use it

We have some general workouts with which you can do the test and most important, repeat the same test over time (every 3 months for example) to monitor your progress and adjust your FTP accordingly.

We have a general trainingplan for beginners so they will have a reliable starting FTP after completing the plan.

If you know your FTP, we have a general trainingplan (all levels) with which you can build up your FTP, we can do recommendation when to build this into your Periodization.

In general we use your FTP in the settings to auto calculate the power output during the workout and analyse the workouts afterwards.

There is always a slight difference in using Power on an Indoor-Smart-Trainer and using it outdoor, we always take that in consideration so it is important that we know in what type of environment you did the workout.

Can you do a test with us?


We have a smart trainer in controlled conditions and offcourse the necessary software to do the test.
You can bring your own bike which in our believe is an advantage over standard watt-bikes.

More information

- Our philosophy: Target Pace

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