Critical Speed - Running


Critical Running Speed is defined as the theoretical fastest pace that a runner can maintain continuously without exhaustion, your aerobic cycling threshold.


- WarmUp properly

- Find a quiet section of uninterrupted road and run at the highest effort as you can for 5km, 10km or 60 minutes.

- Calculation:
If you ran for 60 minutes, your critical pace is the average speed per kilometer over the 60 minutes
If you ran 10 km, multiply the average speed per kilometer over 10km with 1.01
If you ran 5 km, multiply the average speed per kilometer over 5km with 1.07

How we use it

Using Running speed is only fully possible in a controlled environment (indoor track) with no influence of any weather conditions or environment (underground, hills).

We can use it however to predict the outcome of a Run based on the conditions you will be eventing in. Based on that prediction we can make a race-plan and adjust the food and drink intake.

We also refer to Critical Speed with the term 'Current Pace'

And finally we can use the outcome to define your Training Zones and build Workouts to improve.

More information

- Our philosophy: Target Pace

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