Critical Speed - Swimming


Critical Swim Speed is defined as the theoretical fastest pace that a swimmer can maintain continuously without exhaustion, your aerobic swimming threshold.


- WamUp properly

- Swim 400(m) as fast as you can (write down your time)

- Active rest for half about 8 minutes (easy swim/drills)

- Swim 200(m) as fast as you can (write down your time)


(time 400m minus time 200m) divide by 2

How we use it

The outcome of the calculation will be used in combination with our swim skills. If you swim competition and frequently start on 200 or 400 meter events you are more able to swim this distance fast then a more recreational swimmer who is only focussing on the endurance pace.

If decided how we has to interpret the outcome we finetune the number and from there on forward to the next (test) event we have a 100(m) split to work with.

We also refer to Critical Speed with the term 'Current Pace'

And finally we will use the outcome to define your Training Zones and build Workouts to improve.

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